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Case Studies

Delivering outstanding outcomes across a wide range of business and technical domains

Designing, building, and operating a custom two-sided online marketplace

Haskell Yesod Persistent + Esqueleto Stimulus Turbo Tailwind CSS PostgreSQL Docker Nix Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS ECS AWS RDS AWS S3 AWS SES Github Actions

Taste Agent is a new platform created for the food service industry as an innovative way to allow restaurants to leverage social media marketing. The Taste Agent team approached Foxhound Systems to design, develop, deploy, and operate this two-sided marketplace. This case study explores the meticulous process of designing an intuitive application with outstanding performance, the choice of best-in-class technologies like Haskell for server-side programming and PostgreSQL for database deployment, and the seamless execution of a deployment strategy that ensures zero downtime. These decisions culminate in a platform that not only met but exceeded all initial goals with its functionality, successful launch, and ongoing, iterative improvements.

Read the case study: Taste Agent x Foxhound Systems

Building and scaling a distributed payments platform

Haskell MySQL PostgreSQL Redis Docker Nix CI/CD Amazon Web Services Microservices

JUSPAY is revolutionizing digital payments in India through its mobile payments platform. The company wanted to bolster its back end system design and development capabilities while also making experienced staff accessible to its junior developers. They approached Foxhound Systems for our experience in building highly performant, distributed systems, as well as our expertise in the Haskell programming language. The result has been a multi-year partnership with numerous systems created.

Read the case study: JUSPAY x Foxhound Systems

Creating a video hosting and streaming platform for ecommerce stores

Node.js React Typescript PostgreSQL Docker AWS EC2 AWS ECS AWS S3 AWS RDS AWS Elemental MediaConvert CI/CD Shopify

Trend is a marketplace for brands and content creators to work together on marketing campaigns. The company was searching for development partner to create a custom video hosting and streaming application aimed towards ecommerce to supplement its main software platform. They approached Foxhound Systems to help design, build, and host a custom application. The result was a custom video streaming application with oustanding engagement.

Read the case study: Trend x Foxhound Systems

Accelerating SDK development across an array of programming languages

Haskell Erlang Python Ruby Node.js PHP C Open Source

LaunchDarkly empowers teams to selectively test and deploy software through its feature management platform. The company was searching for a development partner to accelerate feature rollouts in the developer SDKs they publish. They approached Foxhound systems for our expertise in building software in a wide number of programming languages. Our team assisted in development of half a dozen different SDKs.

Read the case study: LaunchDarkly x Foxhound Systems

Developing a technology and product strategy for a two-sided marketplace

Relish Works is a food service industry innovation lab that invests in products that help restaurants and food service operators. Relish Works was seeking to build a two-sided marketplace aimed at the food service industry. The company engaged Foxhound Systems to help refine their product strategy for developing this marketplace and provide technical guidance on the best methodologies to employ to build the marketplace.

Read the case study: Relish Works x Foxhound Systems