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Custom built software your business can depend on

A custom built software solution is the most impactful way to achieve your business’s needs. We can work with your team to plan, design, build, and deploy software to achieve your goals and help your business grow. We have experience building a wide variety of applications and software.

Some of the things we’ve built

Full-featured products & web applications
Minimum viable products (MVPs)
Business facing internal tools
Back end system components
Software libraries
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Our custom software development process

  1. Ideation, Requirements Gathering, and Scope Refinement
    We’ll work with your team to understand your idea, gather requirements, and determine the correct scope for the project as well as what we’ll be delivering at the end. This phase will ensure that everyone has a clear picture of the project before we go on to design and build phases.
  2. Planning & Design
    We’ll plan and design the user experience, create user interface mockups, and clear up any gaps in technical specifications as necessary. We’ll confirm all of our plans with you before moving past this phase and proceed only with your approval.
  3. Iterative Development and Testing
    We’ll proceed with development and build the application or software component according to the specification. For longer projects, we’ll provide you updates along the way.
  4. Final Testing & Documentation
    Once we’re done with development, we’ll engage in comprehensive testing to ensure everything is working as intended. During this phase we’ll also create any necessary documentation.
  5. Delivery or Deployment
    We’ll deliver the software in the agreed format. If you choose to use our Infrastructure Management services, we’ll deploy and host the software or application for you.

Have questions or ready to start discussing an idea? Contact us and we’ll help you turn your idea into real software.