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Technical Guidance

Guidance for strategic technical decision-making

Whether starting a new project or supporting an existing system, developing software and maintaining technical teams requires long-term thinking and strategic decision-making. Navigating these types of situations becomes easier with expert advice.

Our team has extensive software engineering and technology management experience. We’ve successfully managed projects from inception to delivery, grown software development teams in new organizations, as well as maintained large systems with millions of users. We can lend our experience and act as an advisor as you decide between technical tools, plan system architecture, evaluate applicants during hiring, or make any other strategic technical decisions that affect your organization.

Expert guidance we can provide

Planning system architecture for a new or existing software system
Technology direction prior to hiring an in-house CTO or software engineering leadership
Management of an external team of software developers
Evaluation of programming languages and tools for a new software project
Candidate interviews & evaluations during technical recruiting

Want a helping hand on the technical front? Contact us to start the discussion about your specific situation and needs.