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Core beliefs that influence how we work

Our Mission

We create software systems that inspire confidence and enable organizations to do their best work. We’ve seen that a lot of software is slow, unreliable, and insecure. We’ve also seen software that is unintuitive, frustrating to use, and poorly designed. After building software professionally for many years, we’re in a position to combat all of this, so we’ve made it our mission to design, build, teach, and operate excellent software that builds trust, empowers teams, and drives growth.

Our Principles

Take time to learn

Whether it’s understanding a problem or being faced with a new technology, taking the time to learn allows one to do their best work. We don’t shy away from spending time to build a deep understanding of what we’re working on, research an optimal solution, or learn about a new methodology.

Build to make it last

Building great software is difficult. It takes significant time and energy, typically requiring multiple people to spend weeks or months on a project. Given this significant cost, our belief is that software should be built to be robust, easily maintainable, and scalable. It should not require time-intensive maintenance or diminish in performance soon after launch. It should be designed and built to work well for long periods of time.

Never betray the user

Poorly designed software can be very frustrating to use. The user interface of an application should never be a barrier to accomplishing whatever a user is attempting to do. Information should be laid out clearly. Important controls should be obvious.

Performance is critical

The performance of a piece of software matters, whether it be in a user-facing application or a backend data processing system. Slow software is frustrating to users and is often more expensive to operate, requiring more expensive servers. Applications and software systems should be built to be as fast as possible.

Security everywhere

Security is a key consideration in everything we work on, from developing custom software to providing our managed software services. We incorporate security into every aspect of our work.