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Tools we use that help us build robust, performant, and secure software systems

At Foxhound Systems, we choose technology that helps us build robust, performant, and secure software systems. Allow us to introduce you to some of the tools we use most often.

Haskell Programming Language

Haskell is an advanced, purely functional, statically typed programming language that enables writing software that is highly reliable and performant while boosting software developer productivity. We use Haskell because its features allow us to build software that is both extremely fast and error free in significantly less time than most other programming languages we have worked with. We use Haskell for building web application backends, custom command line tools, and various other software components.

Elm Programming Language

Elm is a programming language influenced by Haskell and shares many of its features. Like Haskell, Elm enables creating high performance, error free software. Unlike Haskell, Elm is specialized for web application interfaces. We use Elm for building highly dynamic user interfaces, particularly ones requiring complex user interactions and large amounts of data.

PostgreSQL Relational Database Management System

PostgreSQL is a powerful open source relational database management system. It is known for its reliability, broad feature set, and excellent performance. PostgreSQL enables creating and operating databases of all sizes that vary in complexity from simple to having hundreds of tables. We use PostgreSQL for any system requiring persistent data storage.

Nix Package Manager & Build System

Nix is a robust package manager for the Linux operating system that makes package management reliable and software builds reproducible. Nix also simplifies system configuration management, allowing all underlying system components to be managed by a flexible configuration language. This makes provisioning servers and deploying software reliable and repeatable. We use Nix for provisioning servers, and managing multi-machine deployments with a variety of different system configurations.

Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an industry-leading cloud services provider that offers reliability and scalability on a secure and cost-effective platform. We use AWS for hosting the software systems we build and utilize managed services like RDS and AWS Lambda to provide great value and peace of mind to our customers.

Other tools that we build with

The list doesn’t end there. Below is a list of other programming languages, frameworks, and software that we’ve built systems with.

Python PureScript JavaScript Node.js PHP Bash HTML CSS/SCSS Redis MySQL ElasticSearch SQLite Linux Docker Ansible Webpack Make Nginx Apache Warp React Laravel Yesod Servant Jekyll Hakyll DigitalOcean Rackspace NearlyFreeSpeech.NET