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Foxhound Systems designs, builds, and manages highly reliable, secure, and performant software systems. We provide the following services.

Custom Software Development

A bespoke software solution is the most impactful way to achieve your organization’s needs. Foxhound Systems can work with your team to plan, design, build, and deploy software to achieve your goals.

We can work with your team to design the user behind experience an idea. From low-fidelity mockups to high-fidelity prototypes, we can help you communicate your ideas to your team members, partners, customers, or other stakeholders. From there, we can proceed to development, testing, and delivery.

Learn more about our custom software development

Managed Software Services

We have extensive experience creating and managing the infrastructure that powers complex web applications. From securing Linux servers to working with Amazon Web Services, we have significant experience working with all aspects of web infrastructure, and can help you architect and operate a secure and cost-effective system.

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Application & Database Performance Optimization

A slow application can be detrimental to your business. Our team can assess your application or system’s performance and devise a strategy for improvements. A faster application or a more responsive system can result in more productivity for your team, better feedback from users, and better business outcomes.

Learn more about our approach to performance optimization

Haskell & Elm Training

Our team has over a decade of combined experience with the Haskell and Elm programming languages. We can train your team to utilize these languages effectively, whether it be ramping up developers with no experience with functional programming, or teaching experienced functional programmers on structuring and scaling large Haskell and Elm applications. We can create a training plan to help your staff become effective Haskell and Elm programmers.

Learn more about how we can help your team become better functional programmers