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Fully managed hosting and software maintenance

We’re experts at hosting and maintaining software systems. Whether your system requires a single server or a fleet of several dozen machines, we can take care of creating, maintaining, and monitoring your server infrastructure for you.

What we’ll manage for you

Infrastructure maintenance
Patches & security updates
Uptime monitoring and incident response
Server scaling and performance improvements

System management tailored to your needs

We use Amazon Web Services for its industry-leading reliability and flexibility. We leverage AWS’ wide array of services to create a system whose architecture is best suited to the needs of your application, users, and traffic patterns.

Our foremost concern is always security. When we manage a system for you, we use a security model that begins with everything being locked down by default, and we only enable what is necessary. We utilize available security features extensively.

If we work with you to build software using our Custom Software Development service, we can seamlessly transition from development to managed services at the time of delivery. If you have an existing system that you would like someone to manage for you, we can work with you to understand your needs and take over management of your system.

Have questions or want to discuss how we can help you manage your system? Contact us and we’ll help come up with a plan suited for your specific needs.