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Our Contact Information

Email address info@foxhound.systems
Phone number +1 844-979-2112
Mailing address Foxhound Systems, LLC 1 East Erie St Suite 525-5005 Chicago, IL 60611

Where our expertise shines

Creating a new SaaS product.
We have extensive experience building full-featured applications from scratch. We can take your idea all the way from initial planning and mockups to final deployment. This includes incorporating aspects such as security and web accessibility.
Extending or making improvements to an existing system.
We can help you develop an existing system by building new components, extending APIs, developing back end services, or creating new software libraries specialized to your business domain. We include thorough documentation with anything we create, so the knowledge is never lost and stays within your organization.
Investigating and fixing performance bottlenecks in an API web service.
If you’ve been battling with application performance issues and you feel like you’re at an impasse, we can come up with a strategy tailored to your needs. We employ a variety of techniques, including query optimization, database tuning, load balancing, and a variety of caching strategies.
Auditing, refactoring, and documenting an existing code base.
A code base can evolve in unpredictable ways. As developers come and go and cruft accrues you can feel like you’ve lost control of your code. We can help your team rediscover and retain lost knowledge and make suggestions for improvements.
Providing technology management advice.
Making technology management or engineering decisions alone can feel like a daunting task. You can tap into our experience and get strategic advice based off of your specific situation and needs. Whether you need help evaluating tools, making architectural decisions, or in building up and managing a development team, we can offer guidance.

If you’re looking for help with any of these, let’s talk. Reach out to us using the above form to get the conversation started.