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Specialized Haskell and Elm programming training for your team

Functional programming has increased in popularity significantly over the last decade, and its use in commercial applications and software systems is on the rise. Our team has over a decade of combined experience with the Haskell and Elm functional programming languages.

We can help your team learn to use these languages effectively, whether it be ramping up developers with no experience with functional programming, or teaching experienced functional programmers on structuring and scaling large Haskell and Elm applications. We can create a training plan to help your staff become effective Haskell and Elm programmers.

How we can help your team learn Haskell and Elm

Training focused on practical applications of Haskell and Elm
A learning curriculum that is well-suited towards the current skill set of your team
A combination of both group presentations and hands on work with individualized lessons
Development of general functional programming skills and knowledge, transferrable to all programming languages

Have questions or interested in learning more? Contact us and we’ll help come up with a training plan suited for your team.